Angus Leighton is an ER resident at Angels Memorial Hospital.





He believes he lives in the shadow of his older brother, Mike, who is something of a superstar. His father's on the board of the hospital, which is how he got into the program.


He is friends with most of the other residents, and seems to be most close with Dr. Mario Savetti.



Angus is an ER resident at Angels Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CBS Bio: Angus, a new resident at Angels, is a former psychology major who remains passionate about understanding the intricacies of human behavior. Angus has terrific instincts but needs the confidence to trust those instincts. Approachable, loyal, and, at times, endearingly wet behind the ears, Angus invests in relationships both with his patients and with his fellow residents. Camaraderie is essential to Angus, and he slowly but surely ushers even the most difficult candidates (like Mario) into the family circle. Angus hails from a medical family—his brother is a superstar ER doctor and his father is on the board at Angels—but every day Angus works hard to be his own man.



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