Jesse Sallander is the senior nurse in charge of the residents at Angels Memorial Hospital.





He had a brother named Jose, but he died from injuries when brought into Angels after a structure fell on him and his girlfriend.


Leanne Rorish is his best friend. They called each other Daddy and Mama and "parent" the residents together.



He is a senior nurse at Angels Memorial Hospital. He manages the residents and is Rorish's right hand man.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CBS Bio: Jesse is a nurturing and affable—but no-nonsense—presence in the Angels Memorial ER. He's the "Mama" to Leanne's "Daddy." As senior nurse, he oversees the new residents and takes his job very seriously. Jesse manages to keep an eye on everything unfolding in the ER and somehow knows where he's needed before he's even summoned. While Jesse can be humorous and playful, he doesn't sugar coat anything and he's not afraid to administer a hefty dose of reality, if necessary. Jesse is a terrific nurse who has seen it all—and he is always ready with the perfect piece of advice to prepare the residents for their next challenge. Jesse is also Leanne's best friend and the closest thing she has to family. Leanne would be the first to tell him that, at times, Jesse could really benefit from listening to his own great bits of advice.
  • Due to the high number of gang members being dropped off on the sidewalk outside the hospital, Jesse put up a doorbell for them to ring so the doctors would know they were there. ("Pilot")