Leanne Rorish is the ER Residency Director and attending ER physician at Angels Memorial Hospital.


Leanne's family was involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver that resulted in the deaths of her husband and children.



She was married until her husband was killed in a car accident. She also kissed surgical attending Cole Guthrie years after his death.


She had two children who were killed when their minivan was hit by a drunk driver by accident.


Her best friend is senior ER nurse Jesse Sallander. She also has close relationships with Neal Hudson and Ethan Willis.



Leanne is an attending ER physician and ER residency director at Angels Memorial Hospital. During her time as residency director, she's had more dropouts than any previous occupant of the position, but the doctors who have made it have gone on to more prestigious postings.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CBS Bio: Leanne, the residency director of the Angels Memorial ER, is a force to be reckoned with. Known to her residents as "Daddy," she is an excellent, confident, quick-thinking doctor who is not afraid to make aggressive or unconventional decisions to save a patient. Leanne's inventive, "cowboy" techniques often bring her into conflict with fellow doctors, but her track record is solid and she never fails to impress. She is a natural teacher and leads by example, but respect from "Daddy" is hard won. She schools her residents with tough love, expects the best from those she believes in, and is ready to weed out any newbies who don't exceed her expectations. A painful personal history fuels Leanne's need to be the best doctor she can be. While she thinks a doctor can (and should) separate emotion from the work, Leanne continually learns that may be easier said than done.