Mario Savetti is an ER resident at Angels Memorial Hospital.




He previously had hooked up with surgical resident Heather Pinkney, but ended it when he discovered she also had a relationship with Will Campbell. He also had a girlfriend, ER resident Noa Kean, but they broke up when she was considering a job in Philadelphia.


His father is an alcoholic who only ever comes to visit to get some cash.[1]


He has a strong friendship with Angus Leighton, who used to be a resident in the ER.



He is an ER resident at Angels Memorial Hospital

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CBS Bio: Mario, a new resident in the Angels Memorial ER, has top-of-the-game medical skills, but could use a little help with his people skills. Italian-American, cocky, and devastatingly handsome, Mario grew up in a tough neighborhood and bootstrapped his way to becoming a doctor, working second jobs to pay for medical school. Mario has boundless energy and plays to win. Succeeding is the only option for Mario. But because he's only ever relied on himself, Mario has a few lessons to learn about teamwork if he's going to make it through the residency program (and make friends).
  • He drives a '75 Impala.[2].