Neal Hudson is an attending ER physician at Angels Memorial Hospital.




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Neal is an attending ER physician at Angels Memorial Hospital.

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  • CBS Bio: Neal is an attending ER doctor and highly skilled surgeon who likes to play by the rules. He is a former resident of Leanne's and, while he respects her deeply, he often disagrees with some of the risks she takes in the ER. That said, the two share a rich friendship and connection—and neither one can resist a medical adventure together. Neal is handsome, smart, and charming—the type of doctor mothers love to nab for their daughters. Neal's father is a renowned neurosurgeon who openly criticizes ER medicine as chaotic "manual labor," but Neal prides himself on carving his own way and becoming the doctor he wants to be. However, Neal can't deny his love of surgery, which he'd specialized in during his own residency. The prospect of pursuing it more full-time continues to tempt him.
  • Dr. Hudson completed a surgical residency before switching to Emergency Medicine for unknown reasons. In Hail Mary he takes over Cole Guthrie's position as a liaison between the Emergency and Surgical Departments.
  • He asked Grace to marry him before she left for Haiti, she turned him down.