Pilot is the first episode of the first season of Code Black.

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Residency Director Dr. Leanne Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden) puts her four new first year residents to work immediately on their first day at Angels Memorial Hospital, in the busiest, most notorious hospital ER in the nation.

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6:32 PM Code: Green

Jesse introduces himself and tells the new residents he's their mama. He's the senior ER nurse and nothing happens in the hospital that he doesn't know about. If they try hiding something, he will find out. He says they're not smarter than him because they have MDs. It's his job to make sure they don't leave in three years thinking they can do no wrong.

As they follow Jesse, Mario asks Christa if she's a resident or an attending. She says she's a resident like him. She interned at UCLA, because the tuition was cheap. He said he went to NYU and he'll be paying off loans until he's her age.

Jesse tells them thousands of doctors apply every year to learn emergency medicine where they are. He takes them into Trauma One. He says it's the most famous strip of hospital real estate in the country. Emergency medicine was born there. The Secret Service reserves a trauma bed every time the president is in town. He shows them the beds in the sides, which are for patients who have put off dying for a few minutes. He shows them where they keep the patients who are trying to die on them right that second. It's Center Stage. People come there for one reason: to get one last miracle. In Mama's house, there's a number one rule. In order that the new residents properly obey that rule, he tells them to ask him all the questions they think are stupid, because they'll be too afraid to ask Daddy. Better to ask him than to violate the number one rule, which is that they are not, under any circumstances, allowed to kill a guest in his house. After Jesse steps away, Angus asks if Jeses's Mama, who's Daddy? An alarm rings and Jesse announces that someone's at the door.

Leanne comes through, saying there's a "Homeboy Drop-Off" and orders them to move. Malaya points out that Leanne is Daddy. Leanne tells them all to grab gloves and follow her. Mario asks what a homeboy drop-off is. Malaya explains that gang bangers leave their dead or wounded outside the hospital. Jesse put in a doorbell to alert the doctors of their presence. Christa says homeboy drop-off sounds racist, but Leanne says they gave it that nickname, not the doctors.

Outside, they find a patient bleeding severely in the front seat of an SUV. The back seat is empty, so they focus on the patient in the front seat. He's been shock in the neck and is bleeding from his carotid. Leanne sends Angus to the other side of the car to push so they can get him out and onto the gurney. Once he's on the gurney, Leanne tells Christa to ride on top. She hesitates, so Leanne has Mario jump on instead, despite Malaya offering. Leanne shows Mario how to hold pressure on the carotid artery. As they take the patient inside, Leanne tells Christa that life in the ER is measured in split seconds. If she hesitates, people will die.

As they enter the ER, Leanne tells Ella to call a trauma team activation. She then tells Jesse to call the blood bank for six to eight units and then to notify the OR. They go right to level one. Leanne calls for rapid sequence intubation. Jesse tells Mario he can get off the patient now and Mario climbs down. Angus asks if he can take the blood sample for type and crossmatch. Leanne says no and has him take over CPR. He says the blood loss is critical. She says his heart needs help. As they intubate, Leanne asks who can tell her why they they can't transfuse typed and crossmatched blood. No one answers, so she tells them it takes an hour and they don't have an hour. They need O-. It has arrived. Angus comments there's a lot of blood. Malaya says by the time he gets sewn up, he'll have lost that and more. Leanne stops and says she's right. It's Friday night and they're going to need that extra blood. If they give it to him, it'll end up in a pool underneath a dead man. Mario and Angus question if she's just going to kill him. Neal hears this and comes over. Leanne, suddenly inspired, calls for cold saline and supplies to replace his blood with cold saline, which will buy them the hour needed to save his life. Neal tries to stop her, but she dismisses him. They start the infusion of cold saline.

Neal gets a scan for his patient and simultaneously talks to Mark Taylor, the E.R. Director, about Leanne's decision. He believes it's reckless. Mark's not concerned because the patient survived. Neal says what happened to Leanne was horrible and they all felt it, but since then, she's had more dropouts than any residency director they've had. She's become more reckless. She's been investigated four times. Mark points out she was exonerated each time. Neal says she's different and he knows that. Mark says he knows the accident was tragic, but the rage made her better. She's had more dropouts, but the ones who made it through her went on to better appointments. She makes great doctors. The board likes her, so he loves her. Leanne comes in, questioning that Mark wanted to see her. He asks about the patient she put in suspended animation, asking if he's reached hyperspace yet. Leanne says he's in the OR getting sewn up and all his blood is back inside him. She then tells Neal not to challenge her in front of her residents again. He defends his actions, but Mark interrupts to tell him his patient is trying to get up. He tells her through the microphone to lie back down. Leanne continues to defend herself to Neal, saying it was a win. He says that when he was a resident, she told them there were no scorecards. They're people. She says she knows better than him that that kid is an actual person, who has an actual family, who are praying that if their son gets brought in ESI 1, the doctor will do everything possible to save his life instead of being more concerned about the rules than the life on the table. Neal says they want her, not him. She says he's the doctor they want, but she's the doctor they need. Mark says that's fun stuff, but 40 more people just checked in during their conversation, so if no one's taking their clothes off, he needs them both to get back to work. He also points out that Neal's patient is sitting up again. Neal goes to be with his patient. Mark asks Leanne if she's a little rough on him. Leanne says they're not their friend, their family, or their shrink. They're doctors. Neal gets confused about that. Mark says he's not confused. He cares, about them and about her. She only has herself to blame for that.

8:10 PM Code: Yellow

A teen comes up to the counter. Hannah Reynolds asks him if he fell off his board. He says the rail was sketchy and he thinks his arm is broken. He can feel bones crunching around in it. She asks him if he's high. He asks if she wants some. She directs him to the side.

Leanne walks through with the residents, telling them they're only as good as their wait time in the waiting room. If they want to love their patients, that's fine, but they better love the ones in the waiting room just as much, because they might need the doctors more.

Angus introduces himself to Malaya. She recognizes his name and says his brother, Mike, talked about him. She worked with him when she was a medical student, but everyone knew Mike. He was a superstar. Angus says Mike crapped his pants at summer camp. He was 12, but it still counts. Leanne continues that patients in the waiting room get separated into three categories of acuity: ESI 1, 2, and 3. ESI 1 is critical: Bullet wound, heart attack. 2 is rough, but not death's door: pneumonia, blood clot. ESI 3 is meh: flu, migraine, minor laceration. Christa asks if they'll be seeing their own patients that day. Leanne says they'll take light cases and assist attendings unless the board says Code Black, which means half of LA is in the room and all bets are off. Paramedics bring in an older man who started speaking gibberish at dinner. Rollie sends them to bay 4. Malaya quietly comments that he'll need TPA. Leanne asks Angus, who repeats Malaya's answer more audibly. That's not what she was asking, but she's sure Dr. Guthrie will be thrilled. She tells him to follow Rollie and try not to kill anyone. Malaya says she'd like to observe the case as well. Leanne says that's nice and sends Angus away. Jesse comes in and says they are two coming in, one who's critical. They're needed at dispatch. Neal's on his way down. Leanne tells Christa and Mario to follow her and asks Jesse to find something for Malaya to do.

After they're gone, Malaya asks Jesse why Leanne's ignoring her. He says it's because she's the only one who went to school there. It's their first day. He tells her to relax, but she's not there to relax. She's there to learn. Jesse says he needs a hero. He slowly starts singing. He says they'll find her an attending to annoy, someone who needs a hero.

Leanne introduces Neal to Christa and Mario as they go out to meet ambulances. He congratulates them on matching with Angels and says they're learning from the best. Leanne tells him she didn't mean what she said before and she doesn't think those things about him. Neal says she does and she says they just have different philosophies. He says they didn't used to.

The paramedics pull out a patient with a head trauma from a malfunctioning airbag. Neal rushes over to the second ambulance, which holds Ariel Braeden, the first patient's daughter. She tries to run to him, but Mario restrains her. He tells her her dad's not going to die. Leanne steps in and asks if she wants it straight or if she wants doctor talk. She says she wants it straight. Leanne tells her they don't know why her father's unconscious, but they can't find out outside in the dark. They need to get inside. She promises to tell Ariel everything she knows as soon as she knows it. Ariel gets back in her bed and Leanne tells Mario never to lie to a patient again. She may be young, but she's entitled to the truth.

Inside the ER, they get Ariel's father off his backboard and start working on him. Mario diagnoses that he's in spinal shock. Leanne questions his decision not to do further examination, but he says it's textbook. Leanne then asks Christa, who examines the patient and checks his pupils. She hesitates, but Leanne tells her if he's 1-1-1, she needs to say so. Christa says he is. Leanne steps away. Jesse comes up and says it you're asked if you want to examine your patient more, the answer is yes. 1-1-1 means he's brain dead.

Neal is cleaning up Ariel and tells her he thinks she should call her aunt. Her aunt get a flight until tomorrow. Ariel says she can't talk to her aunt until she knows her dad is okay. She didn't handle Ariel's mom dying very well. Neal asks how she handled it herself. Ariel was only eight. Ariel asks if Leanne is coming in soon. Neal says he'll check and gives Ariel his cellphone in the meantime to call her aunt. She'll feel better hearing Ariel's voice.

While Rollie treats Mr. Cleery, his wife says he was confused that she didn't understand him. He had expressive aphasia, word salad. Quietly, Rollie tells Susie to activate the stroke team. He says he heard Angus mention TPA and asks if that's what he's thinking. Malaya looks over as Angus says yes, the symptoms suggest MCA distribution. Rollie agrees and explains TPA to the Cleerys. It only works if there's no actual bleeding in the brain yet. They'll need a scan to be sure. Mark comes up and says it doesn't take 12 people to do that. He suggests they divide and conquer. Rollie sends Angus to find someplace to be useful.

Hannah directs Angus to Caesar Lopez, the teen with the broken arm, and tells him once x-ray is done, to take him to the sides and cast him. As she leaves, he asks where x-ray is and Caesar points to the sign right next to him that says x-ray. Angus asks him to keep that between them.

Leanne tells Neal that Ariel's father is brain dead. Leanne asks if someone's called family services to come get Ariel. Neal says he has, but it could be hours. Leanne then says it's worse, because Ariel's father's an organ donor. The transplant team is on their way, so they can't wait for CFS. They have to tell Ariel now. Neal goes to tell her, but Leanne says she should do it, because she gave Ariel her word. Neal says it won't be pretty and Leanne asks if he's protecting Ariel or herself. Leanne says they can do it together.

Leanne and Neal go to Ariel and tell her about her father's injuries and that he's brain dead. Leanne starts to explain what that means, but Ariel doesn't understand. She tries to leave, but Neal stops her and explains that her father's an organ donor, which is why the machines are keeping him alive. He's never going to wake up. He's gone. Ariel starts to cry and says they can't have his organs. Leanne says it's not Ariel's decision to make. It's her father's and he made it a long time ago. Ariel says they don't care about her father or her. They just want to cut him up. Leanne says it's not true. Ariel cries and hugs Leanne. Leanne says she's sorry and leaves Ariel hugging Neal. Leanne walks down the hall in a daze.

Leanne watches Ariel sit by her father's bedside. Jesse tells her the transplant team is coming. Jesse says he wants to tell her how fabulous she looks. She questions that. He says he wants to, but he can't, because she looks like she's been strapped to the bow of a ship. She laughs and he tells her to stop because she doesn't need anymore laugh lines. She asks if he's looked at himself lately. They hug and he says he loves her so much he wants to break her in half and she replies that she loves him so much she wants to punch his face in. She says it's back to work because they might hit code black.

Rollie tells the Cleerys that Mr. Cleery qualifies for TPA and they're still within the effective window. Only 7% of patients experience the miracle. Another 7% experience catastrophic bleeding elsewhere in the body. They won't know until it happens and they might not be able to stop it. If they do nothing, he'll stay as he is now or possibly get worse.

Leanne asks Hannah what's next and she directs Leanne and Christa to a pregnant woman with an upper respiratory infection in triage. Leanne says it sounds like the flu and sends Christa to evaluate and then find her. As she walks away, Mario stops her and asks how she knows so much. She says she doesn't. He asks if she's pulling a second residency, if she's already a doctor in another area and going back to be an ER doctor. She says she was too busy being a wife and a mom. He asks if she's sure she's ready for this. She asks how old he thinks she is. He says there's no tougher place to work than Angels Memorial. It's hard enough for ... and she finishes "the young". He says unattached. She tells him to stop being threatened by her and he claims he isn't. She suggests they go see her patient together and maybe they'll both learn something. He agrees.

Angela Dinozio complains about a headache. She lives over a boiler room and the noise is painful. She asks if there's anything they can give her. Mario points out that she's nine months pregnant, so there's not much they can do except Tylenol. She tried that and it doesn't work. He asks if she's using again. He saw track marks on her arms. She says it's not his business and says he's a jackass. She starts coughing and Christa tells her to take it easy, that Mario is leaving. Christa asks Mario to talk for a second. After they're out of the room, Christa asks what he was doing. Mario says she's a drug seeker and that heroin withdrawal can mimic flu symptoms. Christa says he doesn't know that for a fact. Mario says if it were the flu, she'd have a fever and she doesn't. Christa doesn't think she's using, but Mario says he has experience with withdrawal. It was a long time ago, he pulled himself out, and he's not ashamed. Leanne comes and asks if they don't have enough to do. Christa says they disagree about a patient. Mario wants to run a tox screen to rule out heroin and Christa just thinks something's not right. She doesn't think it's the flu or heroin and needs more time. Leanne says they don't have time and a positive tox screen won't change the treatment plan. She says to recommend a social worker and ship her out. Christa says he made a good point about the fever, but she still doesn't think it's heroin. Mario says it doesn't matter because of what Leanne said. Christa says they need to know, so they should run a tox screen, but Mario says they don't. He's already on Leanne's bad side, so there's nothing in it for him. Christa says they could save the patient's life.

Jesse walks by Malaya on the computer. He tells her to log out of whatever she's doing and follow him. She'll love what he's got. She's excited, but he was being sarcastic. Angus is trying to cast Caesar, who is not cooperating. Jesse tells Angus to go to Rollie, who wants him for Mr. Cleery. He leaves Malaya to finish casting Caesar's arm. Malaya's upset that Angus gets to administer the TPA while Malaya is left doing a nurse's job. Jesse is offended and Malaya apologizes. He says if she wants to be part of the team, no job is too big or too small. Angus leaves Malaya to the casting. She asks what's wrong with him, but Angus says he's just sleeping it off.

Angus comes in just as Rollie has the TPA ready. Mrs. Cleery asks how soon they'll know if it worked. Rollie tells her it takes only a few seconds when it works. Angus injects the TPA. Rollie asks Mr. Cleery to try speaking. He slowly says he loves his wife. She cries and grabs his face. Rollie tells Angus that's why they're there and not to forget that.

3:12 AM Code: Red

Caesar gets up from his seat. A patient rages in the ER and Rollie tries to defuse the situation. A ten year old boy, Basti, is brought in with trouble breathing. His father says he didn't eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. Leanne asks where he's from and he says he's Norwegian. They take Basti to Center Stage as Leanne tells Basti's father that he has a collapsed lung. Angus asks how she knows that and she explains that when the Norwegian kid can't breathe, it's a collapsed lung. Genetic predisposition. She asks for another IV, but Jesse says he's out of nurses. Malaya offers to do it and Jesse thanks her. They put Basti in a bay and start treatment. Neal tells Leanne the transplant team just took Ariel's father. Leanne explains what she's doing to Basti's parents. Neal says Ariel asked for her because they connected. Leanne denies is and continues working. She asks Angus to do the chest tube. Malaya comes up. She's upset because she's prepping a tray for Angus. She explains to him what to do. Neal offers to take over for Leanne so she can go talk to Ariel. Leanne asks him to figure out which patient in the waiting room should die for that. Neal insists that she go, but Leanne says they're about to be in code black. Mark interrupts, talking about his eczema. They don't care and he doesn't care about their personal stuff. Leanne asks Basti to slow his breathing down. Caesar comes into Center Stage in a daze. Mark asks if he's okay and asks whose patient he is. Angus says it's his, but Malaya tells him to focus on Basti. Caesar then collapses and Leanne notices his head injury. She calls for a gurney, but Jesse says they're out of gurneys. She then calls for a gurney. Mark says they're officially in code black.

4:45 AM Code: Black

Leanne is calling for a neurosurgeon for Caesar. She says she'll get a CT as soon as the room frees. Right now, she needs a neurosurgeon for an internal bleed. Natalie says they're slammed and she's checking. It'll take a few minutes. Ella says CT is ready, so they move Caesar. Angus is worried about her leaving as he's getting ready to do a chest tube, but she says he can handle it. Malaya tells Angus to focus and he can do it.

On her way to CT with Caesar, Leanne sees Ariel and her aunt leaving after talking to Neal. She gets on the elevator without a word.

Back in Center Stage, Angus puts the chest tube in, but Basti's vitals drop. It was a bad tube. Malaya says it's not a bad tube. It's just stuck. Angus panics and Jesse tells him the tube is stuck in the fascia and he needs to pull. Malaya calms him down and gets him to pull gently. Angus does so and Basti takes a gasping breath. Jesse tells Malaya she did a good job and tells the parents their son will be okay. Malaya prepares to sew the tube in place as Angus backs away from the table.

Hannah tells Christa Leanne is looking for her and cancelled Angela's tox screen. The patient left anyway. Christa finds Leanne on the phone talking about Caesar's condition. Leanne's mad about being put on hold. She tells Christa that she deliberately ignored directions. Christa says she thought she was acting in the best interests of her patient. Leanne says she doesn't have patients. Every patient Christa treats is Leanne's patient. If she can't trust Christa, Christa can't be there. She tells her goodbye. When Christa questions her, she tells Christa to go home because it's over. Leanne is back on the phone, saying someone has to drill a hole because the blood has to go somewhere.

In the locker room, Christa gets her stuff and walks out. On her way out, she tells Mario she got fired. Mario asks if she told Leanne he knew about it. She says she didn't, but sarcastically thanks him for his concern. He says while she was busy picking out preschools, he paid for medical school driving a truck, choking on diesel fumes. That sparks something in Christa's mind. She thinks Angela has carbon monoxide poisoning. It can mimic flu symptoms and she said she lives above a boiler room. She could kiss Mario, but not really. She runs to the computer and then calls Angela's home.

In Angela's apartment, the phone rings, but she doesn't answer because she's passed out on the floor.

6:10 AM Code: Black

Paramedics bring in Wayne, whose leg was run over. It's broken in at least four places. He can't feel his leg because the bone's pinching a nerve.

Leanne prepares a drill for Caesar's head as Neal comes in with Wayne. He asks what the drill is for and she sarcastically tells him she's renovating the suture room. He asks if she's drilling a burr hole as he determines Wayne has no pulse in his leg. He tries to tell Leanne she can't do the burr hole, but she says there isn't a neurosurgeon to do it. Sometimes you have to be a cowboy. She sends Mario over to help Neal yank Wayne's leg. Mark comes in and tells Leanne one of her residents is calling her from the back of an ambulance. It's Christa. She says it's definitely carbon monoxide. They had to break Angela's windows. She's on oxygen, but still unconscious. Leanne tries to calm Christa down and asks for vitals. Neal says they need to get her back to the hospital for the hyperbaric chamber. Christa says they won't be at the hospital anytime soon. They're stuck in traffic. Leanne says Neal's not going to like it, but Neal says she has to do a c-section in the rig. Sometime's you have to be a cowboy. Neal places Mario at Wayne's shoulders for leverage. Leanne instructs Christa over the phone as she works on Caesar. Christa doesn't think she can do it, but Leanne assures her she can. She witnessed plenty. Neal tells her to make sure the patient stays unconscious. She says there's no danger of that. Neal calls for ortho for Wayne. He places Susie at Wayne's pelvis so he doesn't slide. He calls Jesse over, but Caesar's pressure is dropping, so she says she needs Jesse right back. They prepare themselves and Neal pulls Wayne's leg to re-align the bones and restore blood flow. Leanne continues to talk Christa through the start of the c-section. Wayne vomits on himself and Jesse calls for cleanup. Christa asks what the drilling noise is, but Leanne tells her just to ignore it. Neal advises Christa that just under the abdominal wall, she'll see something shiny. It's not the uterus. Christa knows it's the bladder. She has to be careful not to cut it. He tells her how to get it out of her way. Leanne is almost finished with her burr hole as Christa says the uterus is exposed. Leanne has her wait. She finishes the hole and drains the blood. Caesar begins to stabilize. Leanne then starts to talk Christa through cutting the uterus to deliver Angela's baby. At the hospital, everyone listens anxiously as Christa reaches in for the baby. Once they hear the baby cry, they are all relieved. Leanne holds up the phone so everyone can hear. Mark announces an OR is open. Neal says Wayne is stable, so Leanne should take Caesar. She starts moving him out.

Angus sits along in an OR gallery. Malaya comes in. Angus says Malaya gets ignored because Leanne already knows she's good and she's testing the rest of them. He doesn't think he'll pass that test. Malaya says he knows his stuff. He just needs confidence. He confesses to her that his dad is on the hospital board. Mike never told anyone because he thought they wouldn't take him seriously. Angus isn't like him. Malaya asks what he's doing there. He says he hated psych and wanted something more exciting, what Mike had. So he jumped at it when he said his dad could get him in there. He says it was a mistake. Rollie comes into the OR below and asks if they know they opened the hospital in 1932. Light bulbs weren't bright enough back then, so they put in large windows so they could see what they were doing. He says it was a hell of a night. They started off saving someone and then almost killed someone else. Angus says two people, because he missed an epidural hematoma. Malaya missed it, too. Rollie says that sounds like a typical night to him.

Christa watches the baby she delivered in the nursery. Leanne tells her she did good and Christa says the same for Leanne. Leanne says Angela's in the hyperbaric chamber and she'll make it. Leanne asks why Christa is there. Most people do what she's doing in their 20s. Christa says her son died. Stage IV gliosarcoma. She learned a lot of medicine from that. Then she made it official. In her experience, tragedy either softens you or hardens you. For her, it was the former. For Leanne, she suspects the latter. She says you spend enough time in group therapy sessions, you start to recognize when someone's lost someone. She asks who Leanne lost. Leanne says she lost everyone. She tells Christa to go home and get some sleep because she has a shift tonight. Christa's excited to hear that.

Leanne greets Ariel and her aunt Linda. Linda thanks Leanne for what she's doing. Leanne asks Ariel if she's ready and leads her away. She takes Ariel to the room of Vanessa, the patient who received her father's donated heart. Ariel says she likes Vanessa's room. Vanessa invites Ariel to come closer, which she does. With Vanessa's permission, Ariel leans her head on Vanessa's chest and listens to her heart beat. She says, "I hear you, Daddy. I hear you."

Leanne gets paged. Mark says there was an apartment fire. 22 are in so far. Leanne watches and directs as patients are brought in.


  • Leanne Rorish
  • Neal Hudson
  • Christa Lorenson
  • Malaya Pineda
  • Rollie Guthrie
  • Angus Leighton
  • Mario Savetti
  • Jesse Sallander
  • Mark Taylor
  • Susie
  • Ariel Braeden
  • Hannah Reynolds
  • Ella
  • Mr. Cleery
  • Mrs. Cleery
  • Caesar Lopez
  • Angela Dinozio
  • Basti's Father
  • Basti's Mother
  • Sebastian
  • Wayne
  • Linda
  • Vanessa
  • Medic #1
  • Medic #2 (far right)
  • Medic #3
  • Medic #4 (rear)
  • Medic #5 (rear)

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Medical NotesEdit


  • Diagnosis:
    • Gun shot wound
  • Treatment:
    • Rapid sequence intubation
    • Induced hypothermia
    • Surgery

A gang member who was shot in the neck was left outside the hospital. His carotid was exposed and he was quickly bleeding. They got him out of the car and Mario climbed on top and held pressure on the artery. They took him to center stage and Rorish activated the trauma team. They did RSI and then intubated. Knowing he didn't have the hour required to stitch up his carotid, Leanne replaced his blood with cold saline to induce hypothermia to buy them the time they needed. He was then taken to surgery.

Neal's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Neal had a patient in a CT scanner who kept trying to sit up.

Caesar LopezEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken wrist
    • Epidural hematoma
  • Treatment:
    • Casting
    • Burr hole
    • Surgery

Caesar came in with a broken wrist after falling off his skateboard while high. Hannah took him for an x-ray and then told Angus to cast him when the x-ray was done. Caesar had trouble staying awake and following commands while being casted, but Angus thought he was just sleeping it off. Malaya took over casting and finished it. Caesar then wandered into the ER in a daze and collapsed. Leanne noticed his head injury and got him up into a wheelchair. Leanne called for a neurosurgeon for a brain bleed and then took Caesar for a CT. He had an epidural bleed, so with no neurosurgeon available, Leanne drilled a burr hole to evacuate the bleed. He was then taken to the OR.

Mr. CleeryEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Stroke
    • Expressive aphasia
  • Treatment:
    • TPA

Mr. Cleery, 75, came into the ER having a stroke. Rollie took him with Angus assisting. Angus suggested TPA as treatment, tipped off by Malaya. They did a CT to make sure he was a candidate. He was, but Rollie advised that there was only an 8% chance it would work as intended. Angus injected the TPA and within a few moments, Mr. Cleery was able to tell his wife he loves her.

Ariel's FatherEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Head injury
    • Multiple lacerations
    • Brain death
  • Treatment:
    • Organ harvest

Ariel's father, 36, was in a car accident in which his airbag malfunctioned, leaving him with a serious head injury. They took him into the ER. Leanne asked Mario what his assessment was and he said he thought the patient was in spinal shock. Leanne then asked Christa, who tested the patients reflexes and his eyes before saying he was 1-1-1, which means brain death. His organs were then donated.

Ariel BraedenEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Facial lacerations
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement

Ariel was in a car accident with her father. While he had a serious head injury, she had only minor cuts to her face. Neal took her to a bed, where he pulled the glass out of her face.

Angela DinozioEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Treatment:
    • Supplemental oxygen
    • C-section delivery
    • Hyperbaric chamber

Angela, 26, was nine months pregnant and came into the ER with an upper-respitory infection. Leanne said it sounded like the flu and sent Christa to evaluate. Christa took Mario along. Angela said the worst part was the headache. The noise from the boiler room beneath her was extremely painful. She asked if they could give her anything for that. Mario said since she was pregnant there wasn't much she could take. He also noticed track marks on her arm and asked if she was using again. She was offended and refused to answer him. Mario wanted to run a tox screen, but Christa didn't think it was the flu or heroin. Leanne said a tox screen wouldn't change anything. She suggested recommending a social worker and discharging her. Despite this order, Christa ordered a tox screen. When Leanne found out, she cancelled the tox screen, but Angela had gone home anyway. Christa then realized that Angela had carbon monoxide poisoning. She called Angela's apartment and got no answer, so she went over there and found Angela unconscious on the floor. Christa called the hospital from the back of the ambulance while they were stuck in traffic. Over the phone, Leanne and Neal talked her through performing a C-section. It was successful and after the arrived at the hospital, Angela was taken to the hyperbaric chamber.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Pneumothorax
  • Treatment:
    • Chest tube

Sebastian, 10, came into the ER with trouble breathing. After learning he was Norwegian, Leanne diagnosed a collapsed lung. She set Angus up to put in a chest tube. Angus got the tube in, but it got stuck in the fascia, so he had to pull it in order to relieve the pressure. Once the tube was in the right place, Sebastian started to breathe again.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken leg
  • Treatment:
    • Closed reduction
    • Surgery

Wayne was run over by a truck, breaking his leg in at least four places. The crush also deformed his femur, cutting off blood supply and feeling to his leg. In order to restore blood flow, they held Wayne down and Neal yanked on his leg to re-align the bones. Neal then said he'd need an orthopedic surgeon.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Heart transplant

Vanessa received a heart transplant from Ariel's father.

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Code Black 1x01 "Pilot" Promo

Code Black 1x01 "Pilot" Promo

  • This episode scored 8.58 million viewers.


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