Rollie Guthrie is the longest-standing ER physician at Angels Memorial Hospital.





He had a wife and twins, a girl and a boy, the girl died as a infant because of a gas leak. Few years after that, the mother killed herself. Rollie Guthrie is somewhat estranged from his son Cole Guthrie until he tells Cole about his sister.




He is an attending ER physician at Angels Memorial Hospital. He's been there longer than any other doctor and likes to claim that he's been at the hospital since they were using bourbon to knock out the patients.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CBS Bio: Guthrie is the longest-serving attending doctor in the Angels Memorial ER. He claims he's been there since they were knocking out patients with bourbon. Warm, genuine, and reassuring, Guthrie is gifted when it comes to connecting with patients and doctors alike. He enjoys taking people under his wing, often guiding them with meaningful anecdotes that illuminate complicated situations. Above all, Guthrie is a man of faith. And when things get tough, he looks to his faith to guide him.



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